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Dufatanye Organization Excels at NYANZA JADF Open Day 2023

NYANZA Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) Open Day 2023, held from 28th to the 30th of June 2023, proved to be a great success for us. This esteemed event aimed at showcasing the innovative efforts of public and private organizations of the Nyanza District.

Thanks to our efforts, we proudly emerged as the second runners up Organization. Our impressive display highlighted a wide range of products and initiatives aimed at sustainability and empowerment within the community.

One of the key highlights of the exhibit was our demonstration farm, which showcased a variety of fresh and organic vegetables. The organization believes in promoting environmentally friendly farming practices, and our farm serves as a practical example for local farmers.

In addition to our agricultural offerings, we demonstrated our creativity by exposing arts and crafts made from banana fibers. Visitors were captivated by beautifully crafted items such as decorative vases and eco-friendly ornaments. These products not only provide an income for local artisans but also help to reduce waste by utilizing natural and sustainable materials.

Another initiative was the production of items from recycled plastics and papers by the Women's Environmental Activities at Dufatanye (WEAD) group which transforms waste into practical and decorative? items. This not only promotes environmental consciousness but also empowers women within the community.

We also included our black soldier flies project, which involves breeding flies to produce high-quality feed for fish farming, chickens and pigs. This initiative not only ensures a sustainable food source but also contributes to the reduction of organic waste.

Additionally, the organization took the opportunity to educate visitors on the importance of hygiene and self-care by teaching them how to make their own eco-friendly sanitary pads from banana fibers. This knowledge empowers women and girls to take control of their menstrual health while also promoting the use of sustainable and locally available materials.

The NYANZA JADF Open Day was a proud moment for our organization, as our efforts were recognized and acknowledged with the second runners up Organization award. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and community empowerment is making a significant impact on the lives of many people in the Nyanza District.

As we continue to grow and expand our initiative, it is inspiring to see the positive transformation we are bringing to the community. Our participation in the NYANZA JADF Open Day serves as a testament to our dedication and serves as an encouragement for other organizations to prioritize sustainability and empowerment in their own endeavours.

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