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Malnutrition and poverty are serious problems in rural Rwanda. Thousands don’t have enough food or any medical treatment, hygiene is bad and diseases spread rapidly.


Dufatanye decided to help those who suffer the most. Currently six villages in the Nyanza District are benefiting from our support. We execute different projects and programs to create a sustainable foundation for a comfortable living.


Each household receives 

banana tree.PNG
fertilizer tree.PNG
fruit tree.PNG
kitchen garden.PNG
chicken image.PNG
training incon.PNG


Banana trees


Fertilizer and fodder trees 


Fruit trees


2 m²

kitchen garden



training on agriculture, leadership, personal finance and sexual  health


Kitchen Garden

We aim to supply every household in our villages with their own vegetable garden. A kitchen garden measures 2x1 meters and provides enough space for one family. By planting fast growing vegetables, like carrots or spinach, they can harvest multiple times a year. The additional food gained contributes to a healthy and balanced diet.

Banana Trees

Bananas are a solid food to fight hunger. They satisfy hunger easily and are easy to grow. In our Villages of Hope every household receives at least 10 banana trees providing a sustainable foundation for food production. The bananas can either be eaten or sold for extra income.


Fruit Trees

For a diversified diet every household receives an additional avocado, mango and papaya tree. The vitamins those fruits contain are crucial for a healthy life. 

One Chicken Per Child

This project aims to supply every child with one hen for eggs and fostering a sense of responsibility in children. At the beginning, a few kids and their families receive one hen, when a chicken hatches, one is given to their neighbors for rearing until every child has one chicken. To this day, have a total of 79 chicken and we are always expanding. 


Saving Groups

Saving groups are a great opportunity for  members to borrow money with low interest rates and earn a bit extra at the same time. Many of our villages have already made great experiences with these groups and more are to come.



We often distribute essential things in our villages, such as clothes, books and scholastic materials.

Water Wells

Clean water is a human right, but still not everyone has access to it. Many people get their water from rivers or lake which are often contaminated with bacteria. Dufatanye wants to build wells in every Village of Hope and enable access to clean groundwater. To this day we have built and repaired two wells. More are coming.

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