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Dufatanye Voluntary Savings and Loans Associations (DVSLAs): Building Resilient Communities in Nyanza District

Dufatanye Voluntary Savings and Loans Associations (DVSLAs) are grassroots financial groups we established in the five Green Villages of Hope. Currently operating in Nyanza District, particularly in Kabisine, Nyabisindu, Karwiru, Nyamagana B, and Kadusenyi villages of hope, these DVSLAs are instrumental in transforming local communities by providing essential financial benefits and fostering economic growth. The following are the benefits of the DVSLAs:

Dufatanye Voluntary Savings and Loans Associations established in Karwiru and Kadusenyi Green Villages of Hope

Financial Inclusion

DVSLAs play a pivotal role in promoting financial inclusion by offering access to financial services for individuals often excluded from formal banking systems. These groups welcome everyone, regardless of their financial situation, allowing members to join and save whatever little they have. This inclusive approach ensures that all community members can participate and benefit from the services provided by DVSLAs.

Empowerment and Capacity Building

DVSLAs empower local communities, particularly women, by giving them a platform to save, borrow, and invest money. This financial autonomy leads to greater influence within their households and communities. The Dufatanye Organization supplements these efforts with financial literacy training, enhancing members' capacity to manage their finances effectively.

Community Development

DVSLAs encourage collective responsibility and mutual support. Members come together to think about and implement community projects, working collaboratively to enhance local infrastructure and services. This collective effort strengthens community bonds and drives local development.

The members of DVSLAs in Karwiru and Kadusenyi were buying each other domestic animals to raise at their homes

Economic Stability

By promoting savings and offering small loans, DVSLAs help members manage cash flow, smooth consumption, and cope with financial shocks such as medical emergencies or poor harvests. The Dufatanye Organization also provides training on setting financial priorities, which is crucial for maintaining household economic stability.

Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

DVSLAs facilitate entrepreneurship by providing loans that members can use to start or expand small businesses. This fosters local economic development and job creation. The Dufatanye Organization also assists members in creating small projects where they can invest their money and generate profit, further promoting economic growth.

Education and Skills Development

Participation in DVSLAs often includes training in financial literacy, business skills, and group management. These educational initiatives improve members' economic prospects and decision-making abilities, contributing to their overall development and success.

Social Capital and Networking

DVSLAs build strong social networks and trust among members. These relationships can translate into other forms of social and economic cooperation, enhancing the overall cohesion and resilience of the community.


Unlike external aid or microfinance institutions, DVSLAs are self-managed and rely on local community members' contributions and management. This promotes a sense of ownership and sustainability, as community members choose their administrators and manage the groups independently, ensuring long-term success and stability.

Mukamwezi Valentine, a mother of five, emphasized the significance of being in the DVSLA. Before joining, she struggled to afford clothes and lacked basic necessities at home. Her family often fell ill and couldn't go to the hospital due to her inability to pay for insurance. In their DVSLA, one of their goals was to buy each other kitenge, which enabled her to finally have clothes. Their next goal is to buy domestic animals for each member. Valentine proudly shared that she now owns three pigs and chickens, has paid for their insurance, and can afford hospital visits if needed. She no longer fears financial emergencies, as the chickens provide eggs to feed her children and she can access loans when necessary.

By addressing various aspects of community development and economic stability, DVSLAs help create resilient, self-sufficient communities that are better equipped to handle economic challenges and seize opportunities for growth. Through DVSLAs, fighting malnutrition, hunger, and poverty among local communities becomes a collective effort, working together to achieve common goals.

We take this opportunity to thank our donors, supporters, and partners who are committed to ensuring the success of DVSLAs. Your contributions are invaluable in helping us fight against hunger, malnutrition, and poverty in our communities. Together, we can achieve great things.

"Paul planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth" (1Corinthians 3:6)

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