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Dufatanye Organization began as an association in 2003 and later became a Non-Governmental Organization in Rwanda. Initiated by Mr. Karema Godfrey who is the founder and the CEO, it is his vision to help the large number of people affected by malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, Genocide and poverty in the community.


This has been done through the Village of Hope Program where we construct kitchen gardens, carry out capacity building trainings, provide laying hens and fruit trees to every household within the village while teaching them good agricultural practices.

Dufatanye, which means "Join Together", partners with other individuals and organizations to bring the vision to reality.

Dufatanye Organization was founded in 2015 under the law No. 20/200 on the 26th July 2000 which governs the Non-Profit Organizations in Rwanda.


In December 2016, it was legally registered with the Rwanda Government Board and received it's permanent certificate (N0. 451/RGB/NGO/LP/03/2019).


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​Dufatanye won the Best Serving Organization award for the 2nd year (2019). Everyone was very proud of the organization and our work in developing the Nyanza district.

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Our mission is to combat HIV/AIDs, malnutrition, and poverty by focusing on vulnerable populations in areas with high malnutrition and extreme poverty by creating Green Villages of Hope.


Provide Hope to Vulnerable Communities


Empowering vulnerable communities through smart agriculture and climate change resilient practices, health education, medical navigation, biblical teachings, and assistance to victims of Genocide and AIDS.


Contribute to a Brighter Hope for the Future through Progressive Development, Productivity and Innovation

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