News - September 2020

We have partnered recently with ExecuWater Ltd in Kigali. They supplied us with a few Water Genie water filtration kits that we will distribute to needy families to test the families ability to maintain the cleanliness of the filter for their safe  drinking water. Water Genie filters out 99.9% of sediment, bacteria, parasites, and metals. We are excited to offer a plan  for clean drinking water for the next 4 years.

We would like to supply the bucket filtration kit to a village in the Nyanza district to alleviate their water-borne illnesses from gathering their water from the river down the mountain. Partner with us and buy a water filter for a family suffering because their drinking water is dirty and full of bacteria. Together let's change a village.

The Dufatanye team did a test by putting a water kit together and ran some dirty water through the filter. The water came out clear into our bottle and had no bad taste. We were all happy for the possibilities of helping communities to have clean, safe  drinking water for the first time.  Click Here to Donate

News-August 2020

Recently we took our management on a tour of a veterinary hospital in Musanze. Everyone learned much about animal care, disease, prevention and we created a partnership for the experts to come to the farm for an assessment and training.

Yesterday, we discovered some of the pigs were losing too much weight. The mother did not have enough milk for all her piglets. We sought expert advise and learned that we can bottle feed the 3 week old piglets and save them from sure death. Although the process is very messy and they were not happy to receive a nutritious meal this way, they have adapted and are open to the new way of receiving milk. They are now doing much better and a new practice has been accepted in the care of our baby animals on the farm.


From March 2020 till August 2020 Dufatanye has distributed food and soap to the most needy in the Nyanza area. To date we have delivered 171 tons of food to  11,922 households impacting 61,309 lives. We are so thankful for all the donors around the world who chose to help in this great time of need and keep people from starving. You joined hands together with us and we made a  very big difference.

June  Dufatanye began teaching the principles of 'Village of Hope' in Kabisine. They received the training "Rearing Laying Hens" and each participant(105) received 2 layers, Each beneficiary will now be able to have eggs on a daily basis and in the future sell their extra eggs for a small income. The 2nd week of August they began their training in Kitchen Gardens and soon will build a garden at their home. This project is made possible due to your giving on Global Giving.  We hope to work in 10 new villages, please consider partnering with us by clicking the link below.


Through the generous giving from Christ the King and DonorSee partners we were able to build Beatrice a new home for her family. She is from the historically marginalized group and 1 week after filming her need, her house fell to the ground. She and her 3 children were left homeless, no shelter from the coming summer heat. With the help of neighbors and skilled professionals her new home with a kitchen and toilet was completed in 2 months. She said, "I never knew God and people I don't know could love this much." Thank you to all Donors!!!

May 2020

May 16th

We have continued food distributions, now heading into Week 9. Some restrictions have been lifted, but it will take some time for people's lives to go back to normal. To date we have delivered 77 tons of food to  4,252 households impacting 27,008 lives. We are so thankful for all the donors around the world who chose to help in this great time of need and keep people from starving. You joined hands together with us and we made a difference.

May 2nd: Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Rwanda put in place a stay at home order for the country. Many people do not have the food they need to survive the 6 weeks so Dufatanye Organization has been distributing food and soap in the Nyanza district to the most vulnerable. We have distributed to more than 11,400 individuals to help them survive this very difficult time. Thank you to all the donors who have sacrificed for the sake of those in need.


Week 7 and we have delivered 53 tons of food to 18,258 individuals, 3,163 households. We will continue for a few more weeks and you can help by donating!  There are 3 ways below or Email if you'd like the wire transfer information.

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