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Water Filter Distribution

In collaboration with Z Mission and Water for Life, Dufatanye Organization distributed water filters to 150 households of Kabisine, Karwiru and Kadusenyi.



Despite public schools being free in Rwanda, not everyone is able to afford to pay for the school lunch or scholastic materials. That’s what prevents thousands of children from accessing education. Dufatanye pays all those things for around 560 kids, enabling them access to schools and a better life.


House Construction

Everybody needs a roof above his head. Dufatanye builds houses for the homeless. We aim to build two a year.


Health Insurance

Fear of disease is an always-present emotion the people in rural Rwanda have. Many can’t afford to pay medical bills or insurance. That’s why a lot of people don’t visit a doctor in an emergency and suffer.

Dufatanye pays health insurance for x residents of our Villages of Hope. This enables the a life with less worries. 


Food Distribution to Elders

Every week we distribute food to eight elders, who are suffering from malnutrition. We want to fight the hunger they are facing and give them a better life.

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