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Water filter - Water filters project; Clean, safe and accessible water is life.

Water is life but not when it is dirty, inaccessible, and unsafe to fetch. The residents of Kabisine village located in Rwabicuma sector in Nyanza district and their neighbors; Karwiru and Kadusenyi village residents live in a rocky area which has only one source of water called the Ntaruka stream. This stream is located between the hills on the border between Nyanza and Huye district.

The walk to this river is very long, so it takes residents an average of two hours each way to fetch water, limiting their productivity for their daily work and causing some children to miss school. In the dry season, the water is very dirty because animals and people drink from the same source due to limited water supply, and in the rainy season, dirt from the hills collects in the stream, causing flooding. This led to numerous diseases such as diarrhea, intestinal worms, bacterial infections, and schistosomiasis, to name a few.

Access to clean drinking water has been recognized as a human right by the United Nations since July 28, 2008. In May 2021, Dufatanye organization distributed water filters received from our partners Martha Veter, Z Mission and Water for Life to 150 households in these villages. The staff of the Dufatanye organization provided intensive training to the beneficiaries on how to install, use and clean the water filters. They also taught them the importance of using clean water and maintaining proper hygiene.

This project has 600 direct beneficiaries and 900 indirect beneficiaries. Providing them with water filters allows them access to safe and clean water, reducing illness which restores productive hours of the adults in the village and enables children to attend school regularly. It also promotes healthy living in the households as meals are prepared with clean water.

Thank you Water for Life and Z Mission for their generosity and continued support.

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