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Uniforms Matter: Eradicating school dropout

Many children do not have access to their basic right of education because their families can not afford 10 dollars for a pair of school uniform. Over 95% of the families in our communities of operation are single income households earning only 1 dollar a day to take care of their families’ daily needs. This forces the families to have to choose which needs to focus resulting in many children not going to school regularly while others drop out of school due to the schools rules that every child must go to school in full school uniform.

Through a donation from our generous partners; the Bulak family and their friends, 103 children will join their peers in the classroom. On Saturday, February 12, 58 of them received their new uniforms and the rest were measured and will receive theirs in the course of the week.

We are very grateful that we have the privilege to work together with like-minded people to help these children stay in school and to have the opportunity to lead better lives.

Many more children need help to access education. If you are interested in knowing more about this project and partnering with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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