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House construction for a vulnerable widow and her three grandchildren

Decent housing is a human right. Homelessness does not only involve people living under bridges or on the streets, but it also involves people living in ramshackle houses with poor ventilation and collapsing foundation. This was the case for Olivia and her three grandchildren.

Olive is a widow who was single-handedly taking care of her orphaned grandchildren. This extra responsibility required her to carry out several casual jobs to keep the children in school and put food on the table but it was not enough to renovate her dilapidated home.

Through support from our generous donors, Dufatanye Organization constructed for them a new house with three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and small courtyard. They also received furniture, mattresses, kitchen equipment and bed linens among others. They have planted a vegetable garden to supplement their meals.

Olivia and her grandchildren are very happy, the children are regularly attending their classes and they are hopeful for a bright future.

Thank you to our generous donors for this great support.

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Michelle Amanda
Michelle Amanda
03 sept 2022

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