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Celebrating International Labor Day 2024: Recognizing the Dedication of Our Staff

On the occasion of International Labor Day 2024, the Dufatanye Organization gathered to celebrate the invaluable contributions of its employees. It was a momentous occasion where the roles, responsibilities, and impacts of each staff member were celebrated, underscoring their unwavering dedication and commitment to the organization's mission. This year's theme is "30 years: Fostering Youth-Led Employment”.

Dufatanye Organization's Staff paused for a picture in the Dayenu Hotel
Dufatanye Organization's staff gathered to celebrate the International Labor Day 2024

Karema Godfrey, the esteemed Founder and Executive Director of Dufatanye Organization, expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the staff, acknowledging their hard work and tireless efforts. In his address, he emphasized the importance of vision, hard work, and passion in driving success. He humbly acknowledged that while he may not possess supernatural abilities, it is the collective effort of every individual that propels the organization forward.


Godfrey's words resonated with the audience as he underscored the significance of embracing change and cultivating a love for one's work. He recognized the invaluable contributions of volunteers Moriama and Matthias, who traveled from afar to support the organization's endeavors, highlighting the spirit of collaboration and solidarity.


Moreover, Godfrey extended his appreciation to the donors, supporters, and partners whose unwavering generosity and commitment enable the organization to fulfill its mission. He emphasized that the celebration was not merely a moment to pause but a catalyst for further progress and expansion into more communities.


The festivities included engaging activities, such as the Cacahuette game, fostering camaraderie and team spirit among the staff. The organization's commitment to creating opportunities for relaxation, exploration, and bonding was evident, reinforcing its dedication to nurturing a supportive work environment.


In conclusion, Dufatanye Organization reaffirmed its commitment to its staff, ensuring that each member feels valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. The celebration served as a testament to the organization's ethos of unity and collaboration, as expressed in its slogan, 'Join Together.' As the organization looks towards the future, it remains steadfast in its mission to create positive change and impact in communities worldwide, driven by the passion and dedication of its exceptional staff.

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