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Activities of Women Environment Actions at Dufatanye (WEAD)

2020 saw the entire world go into a lock down and many people were suffering from illnesses, death of loved ones, loss of employment and depression, caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Another problem that lingered in homes was that people were isolated from communities and loved ones.

This was the case in our Village of Hope and to provide some kind of sustainable way forward, we selected a group of 14 women who did not have any source of income, have underlying health conditions and faced family conflicts to join our Eco-crafts training project in January 2021 which later became the Women Environment Action at Dufatanye project (WEAD)

WEAD is a group of women with a mission to protect the environment and earn a sustainable living through transforming waste into salable decorative items like figurines, bowls, and jewelry among others. The women go through continuous training and always innovate.

Through this project, they have been able to earn income to sustain their households, make new friends, start a savings group and become hopeful. This project is just the beginning of many other projects that will help protect our environment. We are grateful for any support. We would be happy if you would join us on this journey.

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