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Fighting Malnutrition in 10 Villages of Nyanza

Our project will support 1,000 vulnerable families in 10 villages of Nyanza District, Rwanda. Each family will receive training plus 2 fruit and 10 banana trees, 2 laying hens and manure for 1 kitchen vegetable garden. A children's program will be provided every Saturday. Your support will help to alleviate hunger, malnutrition, poverty and unemployment. 98% of the families have no other source of income. Improved agricultural practices will be taught therefore, increasing food production.


Currently the Nyanza District has 77,522 households with 1/2 the population being children. Hunger, malnutrition, poverty and illiteracy affects 98% of the villages we work in. Poverty is extreme and the people have little to no means to provide for their daily needs. Within Nyanza the poverty rate is reported as 17.6%, but reality shows that the poverty is much higher in the villages.


We will educate and provide resources for 1,000 families and children in 10 villages about agricultural practices, farming, and animal husbandry. Kitchen gardens will support people with an opportunity for a balanced diet and an increased food supply. The produce from the trees will provide an income for the family. The Saturday program will educate children through stories, nutrition training and a meal provided. Working together is the main focus of the program and organization.

Long-Term Impact

1000 families will be trained in improved agricultural and food practices. 5,000 individuals will have a constant food supply. Two outstanding individuals from each village will train and provide continual support/coaching, so that hunger and malnutrition are decreased and resolved. Parents will support their children to go to school and learn to farm by helping their parents. The practice of agroecology will help to build on ancestral knowledge and nurture a healthy land.

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