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Transforming Wastes into Salable Ecofriendly Items

As trash breaks down in landfills, it releases methane and nitrous oxide gases. Approximately eighteen percent of methane gas in the atmosphere comes from wastes disposal and treatment. Reducing, reusing and recycling is a key part of climate change strategy to reduce our green house gases emission and reduces carbon emission. Creating employment to women in the community by making salable crafts. To bring income to households and enhance their social welfare.


Most landfills lack proper on-site waste management thereby contributing to additional threats to the environment. Landfills leak and pollute ground water and other neighboring environmental habits making waste management very difficult. They also give off potentially unsafe gases.


In this project we will be taking those wastes and transform them into Eco friendly items which can be sold and give an income to the beneficiaries.

Long-Term Impact

With this project, we will come up with zero waste which conserves resources and minimizes pollution. The project will create employment to women, youth, in the community by making salable crafts. Zero waste protects the environment, benefits the community and support strong local economy. Zero waste builds community capacity and support marginalized communities and their health.

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