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Youth Empowering Youth Graduation

We are happy to graduate the first 17 children who underwent the 17 sessions of our Youth Empowering Youth Program, which we developed with the Low Entropy Foundation. The program consists of two parts: The first having 9 and the second having 8 sessions. In between, an assessment was held, which all those children passed. Their discipline, teamwork, time management and innovation was tested successfully.

The program started on January 1st, 2022 and finished on 31st October, 2022 with an assessment carried out in the middle, where parents were happy with the change that was happening on their children and what they were doing. These lessons were very important as the children woke up to realize that they have a dream and that their dream can come true if they want it.

With this Youth Empowering Youth Program, children started benefiting from the little they have and make it a big deal for them as they become aware of the situation of their families. That’s when they started practicing agriculture at home (ex: vegetables), raising domestic animals, making their everyday timetable and following it as they participate in the saving group, where they get money to solve their own problems as well as the ones of their families. We will continue to work with them to see their activities grow in the future.

Many thanks to the Low Entropy, who did everything for us to host this program. We want to make a good impact on world and are already looking forward to the next two intakes in 2023, where we will continue the program and hope more children will learn from Youth Empowering Youth.

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