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Village of Hope: Where it all started

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Nyamagana village was established by the government of Rwanda as a resettlement area for those affected by the 1994 Tutsi genocide. Houses were built for the residents and social services were rendered to them, but it was not enough. There was a gap of sustainable livelihood because the residents became overly dependent on government support, which was limited, thereby resulting to many issues in the community like children dropping out of school, extreme poverty, malnutrition, domestic violence, prostitution, and rampant spread of HIV/AIDS.

This caused Dufatanye Organization to intervene from the year 2015 to help the community achieve independent livelihoods and eradicate the ripple effects of extreme poverty despite having small pieces of agricultural land. Currently, we have 253 household beneficiaries with 1,518 dependents, and 60% of the households are women led. Their main source of income is subsistence farming and casual labor.

Nyamagana is the starting point for our Village of Hope project. Together with our partners, we have succeeded in creating a community from which people can draw hope. In the gardens of the village there are vegetable gardens, fruit trees grow, flowers bloom and banana leaves stick out from behind every roof. You can hear the laughter of children on the street or in the playground. Residents sit together under trees in the afternoon, talking to each other or doing daily chores. Safe drinking water is also no longer a problem, thanks to our water pump. We can say with pride and great gratitude to all our supporters that together with all those who live in this community, according to our motto "jointogether", we have succeeded in building this village into a village of hope.

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