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Village of Hope: Together for a better future

The Third Village of Hope is called Kabisine and is located in Rwabicuma in Nyanza District. This village is comprised of 105 households with 630 family members. The biggest difficulty people in this village have been access to clean drinking water. The residents of this village often have to deal with diseases. Besides worms and amoebas, malaria, diabetes and high blood pressure are also very common.

In this village 98% of the population lives from agriculture. Therefore, they need support, because they often lack the resources, own only very small land and partly also lack the knowledge to cultivate efficiently and sustainably. 48% of the population are children, they are often malnourished, and many cannot go to school because the families cannot afford it. There is no electricity in this village, 54% of the population does not have proper toilets. These people are very dependent on government support, which is a big problem because it is very limited.

All these problems have led the Dufatanye organization to intervene in 2019. We, as Dufatanye Organization, help the community to create an independent livelihood and fight the extreme poverty in this area. The great poverty is the main reason of the many problems of this region the cause of malnutrition in children and adults, many diseases and the education deficit.

Together with our partners, we started to support them in agricultural activities by giving them banana trees and fruit trees to give them a good production base. We have shown them how to plant vegetable gardens to ensure that none of their children suffer from malnutrition anymore.

We have also distributed water filters to reduce the risk of disease with clean and safe drinking water. We are proud of what we have achieved so far with our partners. Even though there is still a lot to do. But now everyone in this village lives with hope for the future and no one has to go to bed hungry anymore. With our motto "Join together" we have achieved a lot in building this village.

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