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The highlight of our partnership with the Suyana Foundation

World Food Safety Day is a global observance that is commemorated every year on the 7th of June. The aim of this day is to raise awareness about the importance of food safety and to recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations that work towards ensuring that the food we consume is safe and healthy.

One of the organizations that has been doing noteworthy work in the field of food safety is the Dufatanye Organization, which has partnered with the Suyana Foundation to provide training and support to vulnerable communities in Rwanda. This partnership has been instrumental in promoting healthy improved agricultural practices and improving food safety standards in the country.

The Dufatanye Organization is a non-governmental organization that focuses on combatting HIV/AIDs, malnutrition, and poverty by focusing on vulnerable populations in areas with high malnutrition and extreme poverty. The organization works in partnership with local communities to address issues such as food security, health, and education. One of the key areas of focus for the organization is food safety, as unsafe food can have serious consequences for the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

In partnership with the Suyana Foundation, the Dufatanye Organization has been providing training and support to the communities in the villages of hope, Karwiru and Kadusenyi in Rwanda to improve food safety standards by providing them fruits trees, rearing hens, creating kitchen gardens for them, improved banana suckers... The partnership has been conducting training programs on topics such as land usage, land preparation and crop rotation, composting and seeds selection and mulching. These training programs have been instrumental in promoting healthy agricultural practices and improving the quality of food produced in those two villages.

The Dufatanye Organization and the Suyana Foundation have also been working towards improving access to safe and healthy food for students in two schools, Groupe Scolaire Nyarutovu and Groupe scolaire Mubuga where we are training students on club formation, establishments and maintenance of nursery beds just to make sure they have healthy food at school and in their community as well. The partnership has been promoting the use of sustainable agriculture practices, which can help to improve the availability of healthy and nutritious food. The organizations have also been working with local communities to establish food safety standards and regulations that promote safe food production and consumption.

The partnership between the Dufatanye Organization and the Suyana Foundation is a great example of how organizations can work together to improve food safety standards and promote healthy agricultural practices. By working together, these organizations have been able to make a significant impact on the lives of farmers and vulnerable communities in Rwanda.

As we observe the World Food Safety Day, it is important to recognize the efforts of organizations such as the Dufatanye Organization and the Suyana Foundation, who work tirelessly to ensure that the food we consume is safe and healthy. By improving food safety standards and promoting healthy agricultural practices, we can contribute towards ensuring that everyone has access to safe and healthy food.

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