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Playground Project is continuing

In collaboration with Power of Play, we started our playground project in 2020 and so far we have built 4 playgrounds in Nyamagana, Nkomero Primary School, Mubuga and another one in Groupe Scolaire Nyarutovu. All except the one in Nyamagana they were built on schools grounds and the project helps students to enjoy their school day and motivates them to attend classes regularly. With the help of our partner Power of Play, we have been able to give more than 5000 students the joy of playing, big smiles and make them interact with one another.

Umumararungu Anasthasie who is one of the students, told us that before the playground was built, she was lonely and did not play with other students. She didn't know what to do at recess and there were more students like her, but after the playground was built, the students started playing together, having fun and making friends.

Umumararungu Anasthasie enjoying the playground
The playground at Nkomero Primary School

Talking to the principal of Groupe Scolaire Nyarutovu, he said that it was a privilege to have the playground and that thanks to the playground it was easy to bring the delinquent students back to school. the other students' performance and motivation have also increased. the children are happy that they can play and have fun together. we could see very clearly that relationships and the unity of students through playing together, have improved significantly.

The Playground at Nyamagana

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