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Helping our Village of Hope Karwiru

We visited a village called Karwiru. 50 households were chosen to benefit from the Village of Hope program and receive much needed help. We decided to give every benefiting household a kitchen garden, fruit and banana trees and two chicken.

It started off with a training, in which everyone was taught how to benefit from this help long-term, what to look out for and questions were answered. Our staff explained the nutritional value of eggs and vegetables and why those are needed in a healthy diet, consequently fighting malnutrition and lack of vitamins that the village was facing.

After that everyone received 180 bricks for a kitchen garden, a 2x1m vegetable garden, in which they can plant cabbages, carrots and spinach. It is made out of solid bricks and cement to make it long-lasting. The seeds were also provided. Construction started the same day and was finished one day later. 10 qualified builders from the village were chosen to do this task.

Additionally everyone received 2 chicken as a source of nutritious food and extra income. The beneficiaries can breed new chicken and sell them or grow their brood and eat the eggs.

Coming back a few days later, Dufatanye gave away 10 banana suckers and three fruit trees to everyone. A mango tree, papaya tree and avocado tree will provide an additional source of food.

The goal of this program is to give the people enough food for their living, but also an economic basis to grow. The beneficiaries can breed more chicken and sells the eggs or the chicken. They can expand their banana farm and eat the home-grown vegetables. They now have more opportunities to provide for themselves.

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