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Distribution of bananas, avocado and a training on Kitchen garden

Last week Dufatanye experts finished the training on kitchen gardens and delivered cabbage, dodo and carrot seeds for the 105 member class to plant their garden at home. We used the plot next to the training area for everyone to observe the teaching. DO provided the manure to enrich the soil of Kabisine. Lastly, we brought in banana suckers, avocado and Japanese plum trees for each member to also plant at their home site. Everyone was excited for the training and for the starters. We hope for it to be a new beginning for the village to have food outside their door and bananas for selling and provide an income for themselves. It has been a joy working with the village occupants and experiencing their excitement while learning new modalities of planting. Thank you for donating through Global Giving. You have changed a village forever.

We also delivered food to the 300 children that normally attended Saturday classes at the center. It was so good to see them all again and know that they are well.

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