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Food distribution to people in need

No person should have to worry about their basic needs. That is why every week we distribute food to selected people who cannot afford to buy food for themselves and their families. People suffer from malnutrition and unemployment, and many scrape by with day labor jobs in the fields for about a dollar a day. But these jobs don't exist every day and won't in the future and not everyone can have strength to deal with the work, that’s why we compensate elderly people who can no longer work hard and mothers with young children who are affected by malnutrition and they cannot afford to have food every day.

We also teach them how to plan for their future and also working on their savings by contributing in Savings Group which will help them to pay school fees for their children, health insurance and get what is important for their lives.

The people get a certain number of beans, rice and maize flour from us, depending on the size of the family, they are getting more or less. We want to make sure that the people have a balanced diet and do not get sick. We see it as our duty to help and support our people.

We always say, "food is medicine" and that is true, if you don't eat right, you can't do anything. So, people are caught in a viscous cycle! Lack of food causes people to be unproductive and being unproductive causes them to fail to afford to buy food.

We also take this opportunity to thank Grass Roots Rwanda who is our partner in this activity. God bless you!!

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