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Engage with our Saturday Children Program

Exciting news! Join us at our headquarters for our Children Saturday Program, where we create a brighter future for kids! 🌈👫

In our program, children are grouped according to ages and participate in engaging activities. One group learns nursery bed management for fruit trees, helping them develop essential skills for agriculture. 🌳

🐟 Another group focuses on fish farming, teaching them about sustainable practices and the importance of our aquatic ecosystems.💧

We have also a football team made for children, they always train on Saturday and any time it is possible, if you want to do volunteering in this, children are here to gain skills from you.

Additionally, we have Bible studies, promoting spiritual growth and instilling important values in our young participants. 📖❤️

🙌 Lastly, our Youth Empowering Youth sessions inspire leadership and confidence in our kids, preparing them for a successful future. 💪✨

📢 We invite YOU to join us! By working with children, together, we can provide them with the tools and support they need to thrive. 🌟🌍

📅 Mark your calendars and be a part of something truly impactful! 🗓️💫

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