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Dufatanye Organization Youth Program Activities

Youth and our driver
Transporting the manure to be used in the kitchen garden at Ecole Primaire Nkomero
Our staff Saidath and the youth
Working on the kitchen garden at Group Scolaire Nyarutovu

On 10th August 2021, Dufatanye Organization launched the "Dufatanye Organization Youth Vacation Program" with an aim of creating a platform for youth to meet, interact, learn, develop, grow and be inspired by participating in uplifting community activities.

The benefits of this program are to promote volunteerism among the youth, to empower youth through community engagement and leadership training, to develop lifelong sustainable skills in agriculture, handcraft and to provide them with mentorship and professional engagement.

The youth
Making bricks to start building the house for our beneficiary

In the first session of this program, we worked with 8 youths who participated in different activities in our departments like agriculture, arts and crafts, Saturday Children's Program, ICT Training, community development work, leadership training, innovation, and our weekly sports activities, among others. What this team did was incredible! Not only did they gain experience in the activities cited above, but they also helped in the construction of a new house for one of our beneficiaries (an old lady with three orphans) whose previous house had a leaking roof and cracked walls. They also helped also built school gardens in two schools in the region to promote proper nutrition and good agricultural practices among the children and staff in the schools. The attached pictures share a glimpse of how much these youths have contributed to a brighter global future while learning, growing and having fun.

We thank them for being a valuable addition to our mission which enabled us to accomplish far greater than we imagined. Thank you @Monia, @Queen, @Pierre, @Clovine, @Sadi, @Kelsen, @Christella, and @King. We looking forward to witnessing you accomplish great things!

Pierre, Queen, Sadi, Clovine ....
The youth are helping in the building of the house

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