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Due to COVID19, Dufatanye Organization distributed food to the household in need.

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Rwanda put in place a stay at home order for the country. Many people do not have the food they need to survive the 6 weeks so Dufatanye Organization has been distributing food and soap in the Nyanza district to the most vulnerable. We have distributed to more than 11,400 individuals to help them survive this very difficult time. Thank you to all the donors who have sacrificed for the sake of those in need.

In week 7, we have delivered 53 tons of food to 18,258 individuals, 3,163 households. We will continue for a few more weeks and you can help by donating! There are 3 ways below or Email if you'd like the wire transfer information.

ON May 16th, We continued food distributions, now heading into Week 9. Some restrictions have been lifted, but it will take some time for people's lives to go back to normal. To date we have delivered 77 tons of food to 4,252 households impacting 27,008 lives. We are so thankful for all the donors around the world who chose to help in this great time of need and keep people from starving. You joined hands together with us and we made a difference.

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