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Distribution of laying hens to Nyamagana B and Nyabisindu Villages of Hope

To fulfill our mission which is to combat HIV/AIDs, malnutrition, and poverty by focusing on vulnerable populations in areas with high malnutrition and extreme poverty, Dufatanye Organization distributed 304 laying hens and 304 fruits trees to impoverished households in Nyanza District.

152 households in Nyabisindu and Nyamagana B Villages of Hope were the beneficiaries of this project which aims to boost the economy, fight malnutrition, and protect the environment. Each family received 2 laying hens and 2 fruit trees seedlings; mango and avocado which can be harvested in a period of 2 years from the time they were planted.

To ensure effectiveness of the project, all the beneficiaries were first given training that focused on teaching them how to care for the hens and fruit trees plus the value addition that the project brings to their lives. We work with local officials to empower them to build their communities and keep track on our progress in the villages. We carry out regular assessments to monitor and measure the impact of our project on the lives of our beneficiaries.

Dufatanye Organization works in different activities to help in the development of the community including improved agricultural practices, education program for children, construction of safe and clean water, distribution of banana suckers, one child per chicken and other projects.

We appreciate Kwanda and Z Mission, who partnered with us on this project. Thank you for contributing to our vision of zero hunger, no poverty, and better nutrition.

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