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We live and breathe culture. Dufatanye Organization is proud of our heritage, and we work to preserve it, pass it on, and celebrate it. Bananas are grown in over 90% of the backyards in Rwandan households making it a staple food. It is one of the agricultural products that we give to our beneficiaries of the Village of Hope program given its high yield and rich nutrients.

It is also a versatile crop because not only do we use the leaves for cooking and serving our meals, but we also use the fiber for making furniture and decorative art pieces. Dufatanye Organization creates cards and photo frames with designs made from banana fiber. For the design of the pieces we use dried banana leaves, water, and cassava flour, which is used as glue. The banana leaves dry in beautiful variety of colors like black, yellow, red and white.

We teach these to our children in the Education and Training program and to the women in our communities. This project does not only help us prolong the life cycle of the banana tree, it also creates an additional source of revenue. We look forward to innovating more with our bananas and sharing with you, our findings. Would you like to learn how to make these beautiful creations?

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