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Celebrating International Women's Day

The International Women’s Day is the time for to reflect and celebrate great achievements accomplished by the women in our villages of hope. We work with people in their households to achieve our mission which is to combat HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and poverty by focusing on vulnerable populations in areas with high malnutrition and extreme poverty by teaching them the agricultural practices by giving them banana suckers, kitchen garden, fruits trees and give them rearing chicken for to have income and eat eggs.

In all those activities we cannot rule out the importance of the women in taking care of all those plants and domestic animals to make sure there is an impact on their household. We also chose one woman in the village, MUKAMUGEMA Louise, who stands out to be the best performer and she was awarded with a Kitenge, hoe, and two laying hens to help her to continue to work hard to develop her household.

Dufatanye Organization works in five villages of hope with more than 500 women who plays a vital role in the community development. You will see their impact if you came to Dufatanye Organization Headquarters where you will experience what Women Environmental Action at Dufatanye (WEAD) are doing to preserve the environment and combat climate change.

Happy International Women’s Day!!

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