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Agriculture in schools with Suyana Foundation

In collaboration with Suyana Foundation and Dufatanye Organization, we have launched a new project to promote agriculture in Group Scolaire Nyarutovu and Group Scolaire Mubuga in Rwanda. Not only are the organizations planning to create agriculture clubs in both schools, but they also aim to provide practical training to students on making vegetable nursery beds which are to be planted at schools and improve their meals.

The project's primary goal is to educate students on sustainable agricultural practices, local food production, and nutrition. Therefore, the agriculture clubs will be established to teach students about various agricultural practices, including organic farming, crop cultivation, and animal husbandry and related activities.

The project will also promote practical training in growing vegetables at schools. This will be a valuable skill for the students and will allow them to produce vegetable seedlings for their schools and communities. The project will provide students with the necessary resources, including equipment, fertilizers, to get started on making their own vegetable nursery beds and they will be given fruits trees to plant at school.

The project recognizes the importance of developing a thorough understanding of agriculture among young people. Through hands-on practical training experiences, the students will be able to appreciate the value of sustainable agriculture and learn how to produce their food using environmentally friendly practices.

The Dufatanye Organization and Suyana Foundation's collaboration on this project is also geared towards helping the students build entrepreneurial skills. The project will teach students how to produce their vegetables and have a complete meal at school, with the hope of creating a new generation of successful agricultural entrepreneurs. These skills will help create employment opportunities for the students themselves and community members in the future.

In conclusion, the Dufatanye Organization and Suyana Foundation project is a commendable initiative aimed at promoting agriculture and nutrition in schools. The creation of agriculture clubs and practical training on producing vegetables will go a long way towards empowering students with knowledge and skills on sustainable agriculture and food production. These efforts to develop local food production and create sustainable livelihoods in communities will have far-reaching benefits on both the economy and the environment.

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