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A Lifeline of Clean Water in Nyamagana B and beyond

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” Proverbs 19:17

In a corner of Rwanda, a story of hope, transformation, and community empowerment is unfolding, thanks to our remarkable partnership with St. Philip's Church Charleton S.C. USA. Our collaborative effort has brought clean, accessible water to the people of village of Nyamagana B, with the ripple effect extending to neighbouring communities, including Nyamagana A, Gatsinsino, and more. This vital Water Purification System is not just about quenching thirst; it's about bringing life and hope to these villages.

Housing of the Water Purification System
This is water purification System built in Nyamagana Village

Monica Mukamudahunga, a resident of Nyamagana B, recalls the challenges they once faced: "We used to get contaminated water from where they used to dig sand, it was full of worms, but now we are getting clean water, we used to get sick and always at hospital." Contaminated water sources exposed the community to waterborne diseases and health risks. Today, that bleak chapter is behind them. Clean water flows freely, and residents can draw it whenever they wish. Crucially, this essential resource is offered free of charge, ensuring that every individual in the community can access clean water without exception.

Getting water and drinking it immediately
Leaders were drinking clean water from the well

Karorero Mario Blaise, another community member, vividly remembers the daily struggle: "Before, we didn't have clean water. A person would go 3 to 5 kilometers for water and the strong would get water so the weak used to pay for it between 100 Rwandan francs and 150." The arduous journey for water not only consumed time and energy but also threatened the health of those undertaking it. The installation of the water purification system has brought about a profound transformation. Generous sponsorship from St. Philip's Church Charleton S.C. USA., has made clean water accessible to all, putting an end to the hardships of the past.

People getting water from the Purification system
Clean water throwing freely in Nyamagana B Village

At the heart of this remarkable change lies the power of leadership and collaboration. The founder and Executive Director of Dufatanye Organization, Karema Godfrey emphasizes this: "We achieved all this because we have good leaders; without them, we cannot exist. Effective leadership, combined with the generous support of sponsors from St. Philip's Church Charleton S.C. USA played a pivotal role in making this project a reality. With a total cost exceeding 15,000,000 Rwandan francs, the initiative stands as a testament to the incredible impact that dedicated organizations and individuals can have on communities in need.”

A cardboard showing the sponsor of the purification System
This water purification was sponsored by St. Philip's Church Charleston, S.C. USA

The influence of this water purification system extends far beyond Nyamagana B village. The Executive Secretary of the Sector, where Nyamagana B is situated, expressed deep gratitude for our efforts and ours partners. He commended the organization for its activities not only in the Busasamana Sector but throughout the Nyanza district. He also assured the community that leaders at the sector, cell, and village levels are committed to supporting and maintaining the various activities initiated by the organization.

Drinking water
Leaders were drinking water immediately from the well

Clean water is not just a basic necessity; it is a fundamental human right. The story of Nyamagana B village and its neighboring communities is a powerful testament to the transformative power of partnerships, leadership, and dedicated organizations. Thanks to our collaborative efforts and St. Philip's Church Charleton S.C. USA., residents of Nyamagana B now have access to clean water, bringing hope, improved health, and a brighter future to their lives. As this initiative continues to expand its reach, it is bound to impact even more communities positively, demonstrating that clean water is a gift that keeps on giving. The community's journey toward a healthier and more prosperous future is well underway, and the outlook is brighter than ever.

Our Executive Director, the Executive Secretary of the Busasamana sector and Executive Secretary of the Kavumu cell
The Launch of the WaOur Executive Director, the Executive Secretary of the Busasamana sector and Executive Secretary of the Kavumu cell on The Launch of the Water Purification System

“But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again”. -John 4: 13-14

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