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Promote Stay in School & Decrease Drop Out Rates

This project will help to buy school materials for 500 children from extremely poor families and save them from dropping out of school due to COVID-19 in Nyanza District, Southern province of Rwanda.


In Rwanda an estimated 3,574,070 students are out of school due to the lockdown. In Nyanza District, the expected number of students to resume schools is 22,583. Majority of parents especially those whose income was affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic are too much worried how they are going to afford schools requirements from tuition fees, scholastic materials and the living allowances at school. This situation is likely to lead to high drop outs.


The project will support 500 children which will help to reduce the number of the children who will not go back to school because of lacking school materials. Giving out these materials will reduce the number of children going to streets, drugs, prostitution, early pregnancies, child labor because of not being able to afford the materials demanded to attend school.

Long-Term Impact

This support will build hope for the future in 500 children by preventing them from going to the streets, child labor, drugs, prostitution, early pregnancies. The number of crimes, poverty, and adult illiteracy will reduce therefore, creating a promising future and a society with educated youth promoting new and entrepreneurial businesses and activities. The society as a whole will benefit from creativity, literacy and generations that choose education as a priority for their children.

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