News - September 2020

We have partnered recently with ExecuWater Ltd in Kigali. They supplied us with a few Water Genie water filtration kits

that we will distribute to needy families to test the families ability to maintain the cleanliness of the filter for their safe 

drinking water. Water Genie filters out 99.9% of sediment, bacteria, parasites, and metals. We are excited to offer a plan 

for clean drinking water for the next 4 years.

We would like to supply the bucket filtration kit to a village in the Nyanza district to alleviate their water-borne illnesses from

gathering their water from the river down the mountain. Partner with us and buy a water filter for a family suffering because

their drinking water is dirty and full of bacteria. Together let's change a village.

The Dufatanye team did a test by putting a water kit together and ran some dirty water through the filter. The water came out

clear into our bottle and had no bad taste. We were all happy for the possibilities of helping communities to have clean, safe

drinking water for the first time.  Click Here to Donate


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